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Rome's Foundational Day 2020


As previous years, the AIAC promotes the 'Rome's Foundational Day' in which we want to put in value the Classics among young people. This year the celebration's day wil be on April's 17th (Friday).


You can participate from your city, just getting in contact with us via email: and we will let you know the activities we plan to do and the ways you could do on your site.



La 8 Segovia TV chanell, has had the deference to include a small report about our Romany Day event among his audiovisual publications. Many thanks to La 8 Segovia for the interest shown in our proposals.

We are pleased to publish the recording made of the Declaration of the Day of Romanity, with the reading of it by Alma Eyjolfsson, member of the AIAC.

We hope that your words, repeated in unison in so many places of our geography and beyond, will be a source of inspiration in our society.



May 10th, 2017

We are pleased to announce that the AIAC is finishing producing the didactic book in which we collect the comics participants in the 1st. "MAX Iuvenis Gladiator" contests.

We'll tell you more soon. Here is the provisional cover that we have made, making a composition of a part of the original drawings of four of our participants, Cecilia, Alejandro, Ciro and Julián.


May 2nd, 2017

Rubén García Ruíz, a friend of our Association, has had the deference to spread in his personal blog, a part of the didactic guides of the tours of the city of Segovia that we elaborated for the Day of the Foundation of Rome.

We recommend to those who visit Segovia with children and young people, download and print the attached .PDF that Rubén has sent us and, with a simple QR code reader installed on the mobile phone, access Descubre Tu Pasado while touring the city, In a fun way, part of the history of Segovia.



QR codes of Descubre tu pasado
For guiding Segovia city tour for young people
Documento Adobe Acrobat 5.1 MB

February 1st, 2017

The First Annual Contest on Classic Comics for young people.







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