About Us

Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository
Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

Alma Clásica International Association was founded in 2016 with the aim of bringing the youth closer to the ancient, classical world. 


In a society like ours, where young people tend to underestimate ethic, moral, and cultural values in their education and daily lives, we are determined to stem this trend. We aim to undertake initiatives and organize activities to instil in the youth the core values of the ancient world in a natural and simple way, tailored to their age. 


Our association organizes cultural events, workshops, as well as classical theatre plays, story-telling events, and games based on ancient Greek and Roman myths. Moreover, we design and promote bilingual educational materials to be used during the last years of elementary school up to the earliest years of secondary school. Last but not least, we organize cultural trips and other activities, in which we always strive to integrate new technologies, since that is by far the most efficient way to reach our young people. 


Internationalization is another main priority of our association. We look forward to form connections with other institutions and associations from other countries with whom we can find synergies to promote the values of the ancient world among the youth. 


If you are interested in humanities and the ancient world, and believe that it is well worth joining efforts to improve the lives of our future generations, join our association.